About me


My name is Terttu Vallin and I am a future dance teacher.

I am studying in Savonia University of Applied Sciences; I started in September 2014 and will graduate in the spring of 2018. At the moment I am spending my exchange year (2016-2017) in Stockholm in The University of Dance and Circus (DOCH). My main subject is jazz dance, but I am also doing contemporary, ballet and hip hop.

Before my professional studies I danced in Lahti Dance Institute, mostly contemporary dance but also jazz and classical ballet. I have also experience of acing in Lahti Youth theatre, and singing with a private teacher.

As teachers I have had for example Sirpa Möksy, Emma Svedberg, Sari Louko and Marjaana Keskitalo in jazz dance, Johanna Partio and Erika Messo-Karhu in contemporary dance, and Virve Varjos, Paula Salosaari and Madelaine Daneberg in ballet.

I have also a degree of a youth- and freetime instructor (2009-2012).